Seccuracy standing point on Russia War in Ukraine

As a company, as citizens of a global community, and as human beings, the horror of the Ukraine invasion rests heavy on our minds and hearts.

To our clients, network operators, stakeholders, and shareholders, we say:

We are disgusted by the Russian president's actions in invading Ukraine. We condemn the Russian government's actions and stand united with Ukraine and its people in their fight against tyranny and sovereign rights.

This is an unprovoked attack that clearly violates the Geneva Convention. Ukrainian civilians are being targeted, as are public buildings, workplaces, and homes – places where people should feel safe and secure.
As a company, we take our responsibility for fundamentals like human rights very seriously. Caring for our people, clients, our users, communities, and the societies in which they live is part of our mission and values.

We have taken the following immediate steps:

Our team members
Seccuracy is personally affected by the Ukrainian invasion. We have a number of Ukrainian team members, and we have taken immediate action to ensure their safety and security through our local partners. During this difficult time, we are also providing ongoing assistance to our users who have impacted family and friends. People are at the heart of what we do, which means that their well-being comes first – always.

Our clients
We have made commitments to our clients to provide consistent product. This involves working around the clock to guarantee the privacy and security as well as the continuity of their operations. While we have no direct employees and do not host any of our services in Russia or Ukraine, we do have contractors in Ukraine. 

Our commitment to human rights
In reaction to Russia's aggressive behaviour, we are suspending all software application sales to Russia. Furthermore, we are suspending existing Russian businesses. This includes our Platform / Marketplace / apps.

We believe that focusing on businesses in positions of power and influence is the most effective way of living our mission and vision.

Our Initiative
The invasion has leads to a dramatic and desperate increase in humanitarian needs across all of Ukraine. We will however continue to look for additional areas where we can make substantial efforts to help people in need.

Our ongoing assistance
We have dedicated staff monitoring all aspects of the invasion, including how it affects our people, clients and our responsibilities as business leaders – and humans. As this heart-breaking situation unfolds, you have our assurance that we will lead with Seccuracy values and our own human principles. We recognise that we do not have all of the answers, but we will continue to learn and be compassionate during this difficult moment.
We've always believed in fighting for what's right, even when it's challenging. And we will continue to make these decisions to use our voice, technology and skills to assist in situations that affect our people, clients, and the communities in which we live.


Ruben Reis

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