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Private Maritime Security Company (PMSC)

PMSCs play a vital role in Maritime Security by acting as a bridge between all the relevant stakeholders. Signing up on the Seccuracy platform enables PMSCs to find and hire experienced PCASP already registered on the platform, taking away the hassle of posting recruitment ads and going through hundreds of piled-up CVs on short notice. If the PMSC opts for contracting a Manning Agency instead, our platform has that covered too, connecting PMSCs with credible Manning Agencies to take care of the hiring process. Furthermore, with our state-of-the-art application you can easily manage your operations and also have full control over your assets- PCASP, clients, and equipment along with all the required documentation with our easy-to-use in-app management features guaranteeing all operations to be in compliance with ISO28007.

How it works?

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