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Our innovative cloud-based platform is tailored to glean insights from your business's data and make complex management tasks feel effortless hence giving you a full visibility of all the operations in the maritime industry

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Why Us

We realize that businesses require partners who understand business operations and processes. We take pride in our capacity to grasp business procedures and the ability to convert this knowledge into software solutions leading to effective management of our client's resources and operations.

Seccuracy platform will provide you with the best solutions to manage your assets, will make you accomplish your tasks faster, with less effort decreasing costs and increasing profits and that we promise you.

What We Do

The Seccuracy platform simplifies the PMSC’s operational management processes in all areas of work (HR, Operations and Financial) and enhances communication between all elements of your business and external agencies. With Seccuracy, the Private Military Security Companies (PMSC) can easily manage their operations and exercise full control over their physical assets, agents and clients whilst maintaining compliance with ISO28007-15 and SOLAS by providing them with the right tools needed to achieve these (such as the Seccuracy App).

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Message of the CEO


Two years ago, we set an aim to reinvent the maritime security system and bring it at par with today's digital world. The idea was to create a platform that helps people working in the maritime security industry connect with each other and manage operations in a hassle free way.

Based on this idea, we created Seccuracy - an engineered solutions company with a mission to be the technological front-runner in the maritime security market; delivering state-of-the-art solutions to our clients.

By bringing our personal best to the table everyday; we hold ourselves and thus the company to a higher standard of performance, leading to constant innovation in everything we do. From internal policies, to product improvements, to entirely new solution for the maritime security market – innovation is the keystone of Seccuracy.

I would like to express my gratitude to all those who in one way or another interact with us and make up the Stronghold Seccuracy Universe: clients, suppliers, partners, friends, but above all to the extraordinary team of Seccuracy employees who make use of their enormous energy and competence and always believe in the merit of this mission.

Ruben Reis - Signature

Our Services

Health and Safety


We help the maritime industry in getting compliant on quality, health, safety and environment regulations

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We know that data, if properly analysed and learnt from, can help businesses grow faster

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We help businesses in conducting internal and external audits to detect non-compliance with ISO 28007-15

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We provide quality maritime consultancy through expert analysis, in-depth Maritime security, investigations and strategic consultancy

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The Platform


All-in-one maritime security management solution with the ability to track and manage interactions between the Stakeholders hence reducing operational difficulties

Manning Agency

Manning Agencies can fasten the vetting & selection process and hire professional & reliable armed personnel

Floating Armoury

Seccuracy Platform enhances the process of dis/embarkation, communication and management of personnel aboard the Floating Armouries


PCASPs can register themselves on the platform, become compliant and quickly get discovered by Manning Agencies without the hassle of going office to office looking for opportunities

If you are in the maritime security industry, we have a solution for you. We help you automate the business processes enabling you to meet the expectations of your clientele

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